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Campaign Manager™ is Aristotle’s award-winning, cloud-based campaign relationship management platform (CRM) designed by campaign veterans for political and non-profit fundraisers and treasurers.

It’s the only campaign three-in-one product for compliance, fundraising, and preparing and submitting accounting and other business reports — eliminating the need to maintain different databases or migrate data into a separate filing product. It combines Aristotle’s CM5, 360, and CompleteCampaigns™ software-as-a-service (SaaS).

At Aristotle, we’ve been doing campaign software since 1983 and we’ve seen it all. Campaign Manager™ is everything you need to run a successful campaign!


Enhanced Dashboards and Custom Widgets: Get the important insights your campaign needs to make strategic decisions.

Dynamic Donor Profiles: Track donation history, limits, communications and giving potential plus much more.

Custom Call Sheets+: Printed or paperless templates easily branded for your campaign/firm.

Exclusive Donor Insights: See a donor’s potential giving and comps to federal/state committees, automatically, taking your donor research to the next level.

Powerful Reports: Segment and target with precision using your data or one of dozens of standard reports built for political accountants and fundraisers.

Automated Compliance Checker: Easily catch mistakes before the FEC/states do.

Free Support and User Trainings: Get the support you need, when you need it, 24/7.

Mobile Responsive Design: Leave your desktop behind and work from any mobile device or tablet.

Additional databases: landline and mobile phone numbers, email, grassroots & advocacy, international and specialty data.



Simplified Compliance Reports: Automatic analysis of your data for compliance errors and limits.

Real-Time Limit Checks: Customizable limits for different entity types.

Compliance Data Integrity Report: Catches errors before the FEC/states do.

Joint Fundraising Committee Tools: Calculates splits for each donor and donation based on previous giving.

Compliance Outsourcing: Compliance assurance thanks to a team headed up by a two-term FEC Chairman.



Donor Management & Donor Insight: Intuitively maintain everything there is to know about a donor in one location: real-time limit tracking, past giving history, interactions, notes, biographies, tagging, and even user defined fields for your whole team to stay in the know.

One-Click Call Sheets+: Customizable templates for successful and hassle-free call time. Paperless, .PDF or Word options available.

Thank You Letters: Keep track of who needs to be thanked and effortlessly generate thank you letters.

Online Credit Card Processing: Easy-to-use auto-fill forms and predictive giving asks.



Data Entry: Intuitive data entry based on political accounting workflows.

Open APIs: Streamlined data exchanges with the most well-known vendors or for your team to build into. Anedot, Revv, eDonation

Real-Time Financial Widgets: Exclusively built for political accountants to see everything needed, at a glance.

Data Management


Single-Click Financial Reports: Built for compliance accountants! Print checks and easily run profit/loss, net worth, accounts payable and more.

Advanced Spreadsheet Imports: Fast imports from outside sources for contributions, expenses and linked memos.

Centralized and Secure: No separate systems for reconciliation or export to another filing system.

Data Cleansing: Mailing and email lists cleaned through the National Change of Address (NCOA) and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Donor Insight


Aristotle delivers a tool that no one else in the industry has ever offered.

Donor Insight is a revolutionary way to identify untapped giving potential with your current donors!

Simply select your committee and we'll run a report that not only shows you how much your donors gave to other campaigns, but also information on your donors and potential donors that will allow you to send very personalized messages, like their birthdates and names of spouses.

Additionally, one-click fundraising call sheets save time and eliminate the hassle of compiling data.

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